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Ukkonen - Erriapo
12" Vinyl
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Uncharted Audio

Released: 9th May 2011 | 3 track techno ep
Who is Ukkonen? Apparently an unnamed producer from within the darkest depths of the Arctic circle. What is he doing? Some of the most interesting techno music we've heard in years. What's perhaps surprising is that he admits to having no interest or knowledge of the rich history of techno, coming instead from a background steeped in classical composition, jazz and art rock. Which is perhaps how he's managed to corner such a unique take on the sound – by coming to it as a true outsider, just like the early pioneers. Subtle polyrhythms pervade each piece – on first listen you think it's 4/4... but is it? Does it even stick to a time signature? This is music of extreme depth that rewards immersive and repeated listening, whilst it could also find favour with the more discerning dancefloor. Kaksi opened label boss Kone-R's recent mix for Fabric's website ahead of his DJ slot there in February and has already started turning heads. With an album in the pipeline, expect more surprises from this Arctic enigma later this year
"Erriapo is just HUUUGE. Sounds like Carl Craig making love to Isolee"
Jerome Bazzanella
"Really interesting release... Thrym is my favourite. Very nice!"
John Tejada
"Probably the best thing Uncharted have put out. Like Eno goes Detroit"
"Remarkable good music!"
Art-D-Fact NL