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Ukkonen - The Isolated Rhythms Of..
Vinyl LP
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The Isolated Rhythms Of..

Uncharted Audio

Released: 25th June 2012 | 5 track techno album

Following two intriguing white label 12 EP's for the label, the mysterious Arctic producer known only as Ukkonen delivers his stunning debut album on Uncharted Audio.

His credentials are clear, even if his origins aren't - apparently a background steeped in classical composition in a remote area of Finland and 'pretty much zero interest in dance music' somehow led to the production of his 'Erriapo' and 'Spatia' 12's , which were charted and supported by the likes of Agoria, Ame, Colin Dale, Norman Nodge (Berghain/Ostgut Ton), Terry Mitchell and Vince Watson - and left critics comparing his unique non-linear grooves to the likes of Gas, The Sight Below, Mark E, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Carl Craig, Mika Vainio and Isolee. Invited to remix electronica man-of-the-moment Patten by his label, heads were further turned by a pair of mixes delivered for No Pain In Pop and Underlying Form. These were not your average 'DJ sets' - instead he set about 'Ukkonising' a selection of classic Detroit techno tracks, re-editing them into his trademark off-kilter time signatures whilst somehow retaining all the original soul and groove.

Structured into five distinct suites featuring ever-morphing motifs, the album pays no regard to the standard conventions of techno and house music - yet ultimately this is what Ukkonen creates. Sometimes it takes an outsider to become a pioneer - to create something utterly unique and absolutely refreshing. Packaged in individually hand-painted sleeves in a strictly limited edition of 300 double 12 packs, attention to detail is the watchword throughout.

The man himself says: It is a cliche to describe an album as being a journey, but in this instance I don't mean it in a spiritual sense. This album represents physically travelling.

Relieve yourself of all preconceptions - with 'post-techno' seemingly the buzzword of 2012, it already has its champion.

"A solution to the problem of dance music"
Wire magazine
DJ magazine
"One of 2012's most unpredictable electronic music releases"
Music Week (Tastemakers s
"This is artisan electronica and it's refreshingly good"
"Worth marvelling over"
Zap! Bang
"Thoroughly exciting music"
Cyclic Defrost
"Refreshingly good and diverse electronic music"
Data Transmission
"His most fully realised work yet, making time and space hazy in such a manner that it sucks you into its world completely"
Sonic Router
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