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Osaka Monaurail - Amen Brother
CD Album
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Osaka Monaurail

Amen Brother


Released: 8th December 2008 | 16 track pop single
In 2007 Osaka Monaurail from Japan celebrate their 15th year of existance. Named after the It's the JBs Monaurail album by The JBs - they live and breathe the sound of the James Brown Orchestra wth an unmatched perfection and devotion. As they started out as a 15-piece band they went through some changes over the years and are now a 9 member funk outfit that has already five albums and and nine vinyl-singles under their belt as well as last years comeback album by Funk-Icon Marva Whitney, who they accompanied on the full length-release 'I Am What I Am' The album contains coversongs from these amazing bands AMEN, BROTHER (The Winstons, 1968), MAD PIERROT (Yellow Magic Orchestra, 1978), OPEN THE DOOR, RICHARD! (Jack McVea, 1947), CAFE REGIO'S (Isaac Hayes, 1971from the OST SHAFT), SUPERSHINE 9 (Originally on the OST GORDON'S WAR by Badder Than Evil), Medley: CHOCOLATE BUTTERMILK (Kool & The Gang, 1970), GET DOWN (Curtis Mayfield, 1971), LITTLE OLD MONEY MAKER (The Meters, 1969), GET READY (The Temptations, 1966), MESSAGE TO LOVE (Jimi Hendrix, 1969), SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED I'M YOURS (Stevie Wonder, 1970) HEY JUDE (The Beatles, 1968). Further, the album contains three outstanding bonus live recordings: TRUCK TURNER (Isaac Hayes, 1973), SOULFUL STRUT (Youg-Hold Unlimited) and TIGHTEN UP (Archie Bell & The Drells). .