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The Sweet Vandals - Lovelite
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The Sweet Vandals



Released: 30th March 2009 | 11 track pop album
The Sweet Vandals enter the next round. Since the self titled debut was released beginning 2007,lots of things happened in the Vandals' life.Due to their massive Live performances (Pori Jazz Festival, Ollin Kann Festival, gigs in Germany, France and Switzerland) the Sweet Vandals are THE funk and soul combo in Europe at the moment! In summer 2007 NIKE produced a commercial spot in Italy that was crowned in 2008 by the FIAT Bravo commercial using the Vandals' song Beautiful. That commercial was broadcasted through every media in England, France and Turkey. The presence in commercial led to the next step which was lots of airplay especially in England. Nevertheless the Sweet Vandals still are the most charming band on stage. Success is something you really grant this band. Not only because they are an amazing live experience and their tunes are good but also because those guys including Mayka Edjole are so simpatico you love them right away. The Sweet Vandals also get strong support by Keb Darge, Kenny Dope, Eddie Piller - actually the complete Soul / Funk scene - that play Vandals' vinyls. In December the band was invited by BBC 2 & BBC 6 (UK) and the recordings are kept playing on the BBC shows over and over again. In March 2009 it's time for the next stroke! The Vandals present their strengths again - Mayka's unique, soulful voice and songs containing a big dose of funk including the guarantee for shaking hips. Altogether you get a record that gives you a good start for 2009 and that guides you until the end.Starting with the opening track Thank You For You, that makes you move your feet instantly, across Funky Children, with singing children, to Every Woman Is A Diva - the title says it all. Salute to the Vandals! Tourdates: 13*02*09 D-Freiburg - Jazzhaus 24 or 25*2*09 F-Nantes - Olympic (with Alice Russell) 07*03*09 F-Cluses 11*03*09 F-Strasbourg - Laiterie 13*03*09 F-Mulhouse - Noulatrouff 20*03*09 F-Bordeaux - Barbey 21*03*09 F-Montpellier - Victoire 2 27*03*09 F-Laval - 4X3 11*04*09 D-Wiesbaden - Schlachthof 12*04*09 D-Nürnberg - E-Werk 18*04*09 D-Berlin - Kulturbrauerei 30*04*09 D-Cologne - Stadtgarten 29*05*09 D-Bielefeld - Forum 30*05*09 D-Darmstadt - Schlossgrabenfest . 31*05*09 D-Leipzig - Conne Island 10/11/12*07*09 F - Saint Paul Soul Jazz Festival