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Soul Snatchers - good & plenty
7" Vinyl
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Soul Snatchers

good & plenty


Released: 24th August 2009 | 2 track funk single
'Real Soul music never dies'. This is what the insatiable musicians of Dutch band, The Soul Snatchers prove every time they treat a swinging crowd to their timeless, down-to-earth Funk and Soul tunes. It is powerfully clear that their roots are buried deep in the sexy sixties and seventies, of the 20th century. Taking pure Soul music right across the bridge into the new century, The Soul Snatchers combine unknown classics and original compositions for a live show that not only appeals to connoisseurs, but just as equally to bigger and more mainstream audiences. They don't claim to have invented Soul music, neither do they pretend to re-invent it, they just HAVE it! And they LOVE sharing it with Rhythm & Blues lovers in every corner of the globe. Musical contentment is very clear on their new single. The Motown beat of the A-side Good and Plenty will move even the biggest sourpuss. With this new single the group brings a more stylish sixties sound and groove. The music is playful yet serious, captivating and inspiring. The rhythm section is tight but not forced, the horns play heavy and singer Curtis T. proves to be one of the best new Dutch soul singers! The B-side is definitely not a 'B' choice! Soul to Soul sees legendary Dutch Soul singer Jimi Bellmartin taking the lead. The Soul Snatchers are a nine piece group with an abundance of ideas. They show us time and time again how to play good authentic funk.