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Various Artists - keb darge & lucinda slim - this is djs choice volume 2
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Various Artists

keb darge & lucinda slim - this is djs choice volume 2


Released: 7th December 2009 | 17 track funk album
Keb Darge - Deep Funk Legend & passionate Soul Dancer - made his decision about what to put on 'This Is DJs Choice Vol 2' By his side - the adorable Lucinda Slim. A real lady who makes mens hearts beat faster and who's got some real goodies in her record cases ... It has been some time since the first edition of DJs Choice, on which swiss DJs Soulinus and Pun introduced their favorite pieces, has been released. However with such high class DJs like on the upcoming DJs Choice it's worth to be patient. Usually it's about to say something about each track BUT that tracklist doesn't need any descriptions. As expected Keb and Lucinda did their homework and put together a high-quality collection. Songs like Howlin Wolf's 'You'll Be Mine', 'Come On Train' by Don Thomas or 'Beggin' by Timebox - you can't wait to play that record! That compilation is a must have for every record collection and for every good party ... Keb Darge is the most famous DJs regarding the genres Northern Soul and Deep Funk. At the age of 22 he already wanted to settle down. Fortunately some promoter could convince him to delay the retirement and instead establish the Northern Soul sound in London. In 1987 Keb had to sell a big part of his Northern Soul collection and passed over his DJ-sceptre to Mark Dobson (aka Butch). However Keb kept lots of other records which he christened 'Junk Music' believing they were worthless anyway. A misbelief as this so called 'Junk Music' was the basic for what would become later the legendary 'Deep Funk' with a club carreer that lasted until today. During the middle of the 90s Keb and record collector mate Mark Cotgrove (aka Snowboy) were looking for a venue where they could spin their funk music. With Madame Jojo's - a strip club in Soho - they found it. The club offered them one night a week and it became a great success which also helped the Madame Jojo's to turn into a full music club leaving its striptease past behind ... Nowadays the Madame Jojo's still is THE spot for Funk lovers. Until now Keb enters the Jojo's turntables each friday to deliver the 'Legendary Deep Funk'. He gets support by his compilation collegue Lucinda Slim who is actually called Nia Saw. Just like Keb Darge she isn't an unknown quantity - as one of Zap Mama's vocalists since 1997 she recorded 4 albums and toured round the globe. Additionally she's a successful Djane and already worked with artist such as Sergio Mendez, Youssou N'Dour, Krewcial or Raw Deal.