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Flared - Debuten
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Released: 5th April 2010 | 12 track crossover jazz album
From Gothenburg, Sweden, comes a debut album of a special kind - a unique mix of rock, funk, psych and folk combined with a new sound inspired from 60s to 70s music. Especially the intense and deep atmosphere makes this album a special one. It's kinda hard to describe the Flared style - the firs t idea is to call it jazz-rock if that's possible at all. Anyway it becomes obvious from the first listening that Debuten is high level music regarding virtuosity as well as composition. Some might instantly think of the band Focus whose progressive rock had been a great influence on many artists. However while Focus hardly had any lyrics and rather used the voice for instrumental purposes, Daniel Nordahl's lyrics take active interest in the problems of the world today both from an individual and a structural perspective. In order to make the music come alive and be a pleasure to listen to Daniel and his band mates play with a great deal of heart and creativity. Flared's music is made up by beautiful melodies and harmonies mixed with a groovy beat and a dirty sound. It also contains lots of details which gives you the possibility either to enjoy one song in general or simply focus on each instrument itself. As it is pretty difficult sometimes to find the right musicians to let a vision come true Flared used to be a one man band in the beginning. Daniel Nordahl had the same problem but finally after a few years of searching he found the guys who could play and understand the feeling in his music and the band was completed. So 'Debuten' also symbolizes a band's musical vision and journey.