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Wondertronix - Dance
12" Vinyl
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Released: 14th December 2009 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
Wondertronix is the new Project of Carlo Coupe - producer, composer, arranger and keys player on the first album of The Sweet Vandals and in Glen Anthony Henry's debut album 'Relax & Love'. In his new adventure, Coupe goes into the world of the analog electronic music, using synths and keyboards (Moog, Roland, Korg, Yamaha…) and drum machines (as the Korg KR55, the Roland CR8000…) made before 1980. Now Coupe shows his love for the late 70's soul disco music - the golden years of the dance culture, the time of producers/composers such as as Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, Frank Wilson and Barry White, remixers as Tom Moulton and labels such as Philadelphia International. Astrid Jones is the silky voice of Wondertronix. This young and marvelous soul singer comes from the madrilean gospel scene. Astrid has defintely the skills to become one of the biggest sensations of the contemporary black music today. Her style is absolutely classic, smart and sensual. Her style is an homage to the greatest female soul stars of the 70's. The brand new 12 Single ,Dance, released on Unique Records, is a catchy appetizer for the first Wondertronix album (emerging in 2010), a soulful disco bomb written and arranged by Coupe himself who plays a Roland SH2000 (1974), a Moog Minimoog D (1977) and a Korg Lambda (1979) synthesizers. On the whole album Astrid Jones & Carlo Coupe are companied by Carlos Murillo (Mojo Project) playing the guitar and Victor Gonzalez (Glen Anthony Henry band) delivering the percussion. As the title already reveals 'Dance' is meant to be a floorfiller. Containing an absolutely catchy guitar riff combined with Astrid Jones' smooth vocals it's hard not to move your feet. The perfect track to open the weekend and stay groovy during the week. To get the groove complete Lack Of Afro contributes two high class remixes - a collector's item.