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Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling) - Room To Breathe: The Free LP
CD Album
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Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling)

Room To Breathe: The Free LP


Released: 22nd April 2016 | 10 track alternative rap/hip-hop album

Unlike most rap vocalists, Ugly Duckling's Andy Cooper has rarely worked outside of his band but, recently, he decided to record a ten-song LP to explore his abilities as an MC and producer. 'Room to Breathe:The Free LP' features a highly creative Hip-Hop veteran showcasing his mastery of fundamental rap skill while, at the same time, daringly pushing the boundaries of lyrical possibility. Andy also holds down things on the beat, using his years of experience as Ugly Duckling co-producer to combine classic, sample-rich sound with a more rugged and modern sensibility. Obviously, projects come and go faster than I can finish this sentence but 'Room To Breathe: The Free LP' is truly worth digesting because it challenges the standard Hip-Hop formulas on the market. Rather than jumping on the latest trend or standing firm on Old-School principles, Andy utilizes all the resources of experience, technology and a relentlessly imaginative mind to offer something traditional, yet exciting and relevant.