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Blackberries - Greenwich Mean Time
CD Album
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Greenwich Mean Time


Released: 10th June 2016 | 8 track pop album

Psychedelic sound scapes, reverb and melodic vocals as well as a pulsating energy - all that is the typical characteristics of Solingen based quartett Blackberries. Since their debut Music For The Night was released in 2012 the band was touring across Germany - amongst headliner shows and festivals, the musicians also shared the stage with acts such as Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Pond or Toy.

Moreover they kept writing new songs, which will be released on their long awaited second record Greenwich Mean Time. The double vinyl contains the matured Blackberries sound. Carefree 60s and Neo-Psychedelic combined with Kraut rock, dark Acid-Folk and the very ownBlackberries touched melodies create a record full of atmosphere.

Straight vitas or sensefull traineeships are kind of out of fashion these days. Find yourself and try everything is the modern way of working. That can also be implemented on a whole band - for example Blackberries from Solingen (GER). 2012 saw the release of their debut Music For The Night. Since that the band was touring a lot - headliner shows, festivals as well as support shows for acts like Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Pond or Toy.

So you can say that the sound of the new record Greenwich Mean Time was not only created in the studio but rather on stage. Cause gigs kept going, only time for recording was hard to find. Til the new songs got too overwhelming and kind of pushed the band into the studio. The crowd also wanted to hold something in their hands - so it was definitely time to record! Ideas and frames were already there, were developed and sharpened and grew til Greenwich Mean Time was born.

A record full of atmosphere and depth with hymns to bands of the mid-60s, German kraut-rock and to the Sound of Psychedelia. The mixture of that influences with the own Blackberries-version creates the typical trademark of the Solingen quartett Blackberries: Psychedelic sound worlds, reverb and melodic vocals as well as pulsating energy.

Tracklist Vinyl LP1: 1. Things Change 2. Kasbah 3. Flowers Paint The Sky 4. Mrs. Lavande 5. Slow Down 6. Demons 7. Sad Days 8. My Love Still Shines LP2: 1. Tears 2. The Road 3. The Ferris Wheel 4. The Copper Coast 5. Red Winged Blackbird 6. Look For Reasons 7. Rhabarbara