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Gato Preto - Tempo
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Gato Preto



Released: 7th April 2017 | 12 track brazil album

Gato Preto's debut album Tempo contains everything, what is exciting about the international club-culture: rockin Favela-Funk from Rio, roaring township-grooves from South Africa and Angola's technoid electro-hybrid Kuduro.
Sound creator & Gato Preto producer Lee Bass creates the basis for Femcee Gato Misteriosa and her portugese power-punchlines.
No matter if in some hip electro-shed of Paris, at Zakk in Duesseldorf or on an international stage at the Nyege Nyege-festival located on the river Nil in Uganda – as soon as the black cat, Gato Preto in english, comes along there is no escape.
Equiped with digital effect-devices and synthesizers, supported by african drummers and dancers, Gato Preto fascinate their crowd from the beginning til the end and convince everybody around that global bass-power and progressive grooves out of the world's metropolises are un-stoppable.
Tempo can be seen as an invitation to escort both global-bass-travellers on an imaginary time travel into the past and to join them finding and exploring their african roots.
All songs on the album Tempo are composed as a 12-piece audio adventure of producer Lee Bass and Femcee Gato Misteriosa. Each song has its own story. Starting with Moçambique dealing with the bloody colonial history of the country. Dia D already has become a global dancefloor hymn and is an hommage to the track record of african pop music during the last couple of years. Polícia is a collaboration with Ghana-rooted rapper Delasi and critizes worldwide police violence.
Barulho is Favela Punk and was written with global bass buddy Edu K from Brasil.
The song Pirão searches for long forgotten traditions, cook recipies and african art of healing, interpretes those components in a modern way.

In the end Gato Preto manage the time travel back to the future. As open and self-confident Afro-Europeans they come back from the past to forcast new trends at the global pop sky.