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Dandy Teru - Fragile Things 12"
12" Vinyl

Dandy Teru

Fragile Things 12"


Released: 3rd June 2013 | 4 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep

Limited, hand-stamped jacket, colored-vinyl release

Fragile Things is the Ubiquity debut by French producer Dandy Teru. As part of the burgeoning Beat Scene, in France, and with inclusion in fellow beatmaker Tall Black Guy's Tempo Dreams Vol.1 for Bastard Jazz, Dandy Teru's signature, cinematic production style has established himself as a producer to take note of, and one that's to be watched. Featuring British rapper Ty and vocals by Sarah Gessler (Beatspoke) as well as a remix by his production partner Quiet Dawn, this limited 12 single provides a great taster of what's yet to come.