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The Soul Surfers - Doin' The Rasklad b/w Girl From Sao Paolo

The Soul Surfers

Doin' The Rasklad b/w Girl From Sao Paolo


Released: TBC | 2 track funk single

Heavy Funk 45 specialists, The Soul Surfers drop a new 7in single Doin' The Rasklad b/w Girl From Sao Paolo. It will be pressed in limited quantities and is prepped to be another highly collectable and sought-after 45 from the Russian collective.

Doin' The Rasklad literally translates to Doin' The Strut or Doin The Thang is a drum and bass heavy track with a grooving organ and plenty of chicken-scratch guitar. It has all the elements to be a dance-floor burner and a bonafide deep funk bomb.

On the flip side we have The Soul Surfers playing Jazz, Girl From Sao Paolo is their take on a latin and Brazilian styled groove with deft piano playing throughout. But it wouldn't be a proper Soul Surfers release without some heavy drums which weaves in and out of the song and keep's things funky.

The Soul Surfers have released numerous limited singles through Detroit's Funk Night Records with each becoming highly collectable in the 45 Funk Community. Formed in Nizhny Novgorod which could be argued as Russia's own version of Detroit with the Volga automobile plant as its main source of industry. Heavy Detroit style funk made 30 years later in Russia's own Motor City couldn't be more fitting. The gritty, industrial sound emanates from the music and is aided by vintage Soviet mics, amps, and instruments. All songs are recorded live in one take creating the rough, garage-like feel of the tracks that only add to their uniqueness and authenticity.