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Ikebe Shakedown - The Beast b/w Road Song
7" Vinyl

Ikebe Shakedown

The Beast b/w Road Song


Released: 6th May 2013 | 2 track downtempo single

Bosq from Whiskey Barons is back with more heat for the dancefloor in the form of a double 12 release. Both feature songs that will be on the upcoming full-length album but also include alternate takes and exclusives to the singles.

Up & Down continues the formula of classic sounding dance grooves with heavy Afro Latin influences throughout on this special all instrumental offering and features the reunion of Bosq with Nigerian composer / producer / singer Kaleta, who this time around remains an instrumentalist, handling guitar and the horn arrangements. The track - Up & Down went through so many revisions and mixes that it could only be properly represented with 2 very different versions. The NYC 91 mix focuses on the dance floor with pulsing afro house drums and a scorching horn section, while the NIgeria 76 mix keeps it organic and funky with a live kit taking over for the drum machines and a new arrangement.

Be on the lookout for Bosq's full-length album debut on Ubiquity in the summer.