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Soundsci - Styles Dub / Coastin Reblessed
7" Vinyl
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Styles Dub / Coastin Reblessed


Released: 24th February 2014 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single

Soundsci returns with two new remixes off their Soundsational album on a limited 7in single!

With their Soundsational album dubbed as one of the finest full-fledged hip hop records from Ubiquity in years! (Dusty Groove), the crew is back to deliver more boom bap for your buck, crafting 2 new remixes with a decidedly different flavor than the originals.

The Styles Dub remix explores Hip-Hop's roots in Reggae and Dub, complete with echo delays, effects and vocals that are both parts rapping and toasting. Inspired by the opening tune from the classic film Day of The Condor, Coastin Reblessed is transformed into a library and soundtrack styled groove with Audessey, U-George and Oxygen's buttery smooth vocals layered on top.

Instrumentals for both tracks are included with the digital download and are also available on the upcoming Soundsational Instrumentals album.