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Soundsci - Soundsational: Instrumentals
Vinyl LP
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Soundsational: Instrumentals


Released: 24th February 2014 | 12 track instrumental (east coast) album

Fresh from the success of the Soundsational album, Soundsci are back with the instrumentals from their album, which will also include instrumental versions of two new remixes from their upcoming Soundsci Styles b/w Coastin' Remixes 7in. single.

Inspired by songs from Mike James Kirkland's Don't Sell Your Soul anthology from his earlier days as part of Mike And the Censations, the Soundsational album pays homage to the amazing source material that's been sampled, chopped and reconstructed while preserving the soul of the originals. The result are 10 songs that delve deep into Hip-hop's Golden Era with the boom-bap sound and soul samples combined to create an instant classic.

The Soundsational Instrumentals came about due to a massive demand for the instrumental counterpart of the album. With its well-produced beats, impeccable samples and overall production that scream Classic Hip-Hop, fans will not be disappointed.