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King Kurk & Fada Rees - Obstacles

King Kurk & Fada Rees


Upstir Records

Released: 5th August 2016 | 2 track roots reggae single

Jamaica's Upstir records reimagine the rhythm track behind Hopeton Lewis's 1966 rocksteady classic 'cool Collie' with this upbeat and contemorary roots reggae track.

The rhythm track pays homage to the original with it's live instrumentation, deep rootsy vibe and bass heavy dubwise mixdown. King Kurk's vocal delivery reminiscent of the 'sufferers' style to emerge from the ghetto's of Jamaica in Reggae's golden era of the 1970's.

The title and topic of this track serving as a poignant refference to his own visual impairment and also a wider metaphor of the 'Obstacles' ahead on the road of life. His lyrics underinned by his spiritual beliefs and status as a bonafide 'elder' within his rastafraian community.

Fada Rees strips the rhythm track back to its bare bones on the dubwise mix, King Kurk captured in the echo chamber as snare drums ricoshade throughout!