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Kev Luckhurst - Archive Beats Volume 1: Kev Luckhurst

Kev Luckhurst

Archive Beats Volume 1: Kev Luckhurst

Unique Uncut

Released: 19th February 2009 | 2 track instrumental (east coast) single
The first in a new series of 2-track beat releases, unearthing older beats from the vaults of members of the Unique Uncut family. Kev Luckhurst (formerly Phat Kev) is a 2xDMC Finalist DJ, producer and the man behind the Brazilian Beats 'n' Pieces album (Mr Bongo) and also the Wild Style Lesson cut up (Mr Bongo). Album to follow.
"I love Dreams..congrats"
Osunlade, Osunlade
Dom Servini, Dom Servini
"Diggin Dreams. Head-noddin downbeat, wicked vocal sample, tight production."
Yellowtail, Yellowtail
"I dig these cute little beat nuggets! Airplay on our radioshow"
Beyond Jazz Radio, Beyond Jazz Radio
"Nice one! Watusi is my fave, they are nice little stompers! Respect to you all out there!"
Domu, Domu