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Klic - Karaoke / Hi Tech Soul


Karaoke / Hi Tech Soul

Unique Uncut

Released: 27th May 2009 | 2 track dubstep single
Dubstep / Funky crossover track from up and coming Brighton (UK) based producer
"Karaoke is rude"
Souled, Souled
Kev Luckhurst, Kev Luckhurst
"Loving this one"
Eleonora Cutaia, Eleonora Cutaia
"Particularly loving the Karaoke track... Lovely stuff."
Scrimshire, Scrimshire
"Really dig Karaoke...deep and raw. Full support."
Domu, Domu
"i f*****g love this... getting rinsed all weekend."
Alex Nut / RinseFM, Alex Nut / RinseFM
"This is nice... love your label right now"
"yes this is ace, especially Karaoke. chartin' playin' big time."
Simbad, Simbad
"A wicked package"
Phil Cooper, Phil Cooper / Sick Trumpe
"Klic toons are BANGING! Heavy biziness. "
Kay Suzuki, Kay Suzuki
"Is it broken or dub-step - truthfully I couldn't careless because both tracks are fantastic."
Simon Harrison / Basic So, Simon Harrison / Basic So