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Poussez - Natural Conditions
12" Vinyl
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Natural Conditions

Universal Vibes

Released: 28th April 2008 | 2 track deep house single
Poussez is the electronic bastard child of London based producer, dj duo Jafar and Maxime Cescau. Established artists and record label directors in their own right….. Jafar of course popping up on a few of our previous releases. Poussez brings the pair blasting through to House music's cutting edge in the 21st Century.The pair are continuing to change the Deep House formula in the zeroes marrying a more melodic sensibility with the abrasiveness of electro, darkness of minimal and dancefloor punch of techno. Natural Conditions is deeper than the proverbial abyss, 'Natural Conditions' rocks a skankin square-bass around the sort of synths Freerange's 'Square One' has become renowned for. 4am crowd grabbing deepness! On the flip, from its opening synths, deliciously washing over you like an incoming electronic tidal wave, 'Tell me How you do' grabs the listeners attention. It has that timeless mid 90s deep house feel without being outmoded and, for those paying attention, will be noted as Poussez's trademark opening track on their live sets