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Young David - Bubble EP

Young David

Bubble EP

Universal Vibes

Released: 25th January 2010 | 3 track deep house single
Young David picks up from where he left off with last year's debut /FuJi EP/ on Universal Vibes – mid-tempo deep house with soul flavours and a liberal pinch of Scandi out-thereness that saw heavyweight support from the likes of Domu, Robert Owens and Laurent Garnier, to name but a few. '*Bubble*' features re-amped house pianos, dissected guitars, dissonant pads and of course those trademark peculiar bubbling sounds... '*Over Again*' drops the tempo into proper slo-mo territory, starting with cosmic synths and an off-kilter sequence that have you thinking space disco until the bass drops, nailing modern boogie colours to the mast. Grainy tron flutes and strings add a tinge of melancholy that builds into the most haunting Rhodes melody you'll hear all year. *Suade* (Adapted Vinyl) brings the full force of his analogue firepower to bear on '*Duh*' with a slightly harder and techier version of the original (from the /FuJi EP/) that will no doubt find favour once again with the deep- and tech-house heads. DJ support: Kev Beadle benJi B Rainer Truby Michael Rutten Solescience Frankie Medina + many more