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Pops Jabu - Jabulani

Pops Jabu



Released: 9th September 2013 | 10 track beats & breaks ep

UrbanWorld are proud to continue their African flavored releases with the debut of Zimbabwean born Pops Jabu. With a mixture of explosive energy and clique language vocabulary, Pops Jabu has been performing live for several years solo and in constellation with Junkyard Productions. His lyrics touch topics like, sex, money, integration and colonial/pre-colonial Africa. Junkyard producer Dubpirate, previously known on UrbanWorld laydown the beats on Pops first solo EP 'Jabulani' which means be happy.

Pops vocals are multilingual, emphasized in the title track Nyika where he breaks down barriers between the two major Zimbabwean tribes Shonas and Ndebeles, by singing words of unity and peace in Shona, Ndebele and English over the heavy dub beat. Be Zimbabwean first before you are a race, color or tribe. UrbanWorld natives Los Chicos Altos funk it up in a real funk burner while San Franciscan Izzy Wise turns the dub sounds into a latin groove.

ZimZim (slang for Zimbabwe) is inspired by the reggae tuneSlew Dem byCapleton,but with a strong Zimbabwean feeling and in Ndebele talking about how most Zimbabwean strive for the western life and reject their African values, the gangsters, politicians and about how the country is run. A dubbed out version by Junkyard Productions and a heavy west coast bass version by Kush Arora follow up as the remixes.

Flash it is a true tribute to the woman's body. All men are familiar with this situation. You are driving and all of a sudden your head turns towards a female. Some men honk the horn, some whistle, some shout, Pops went home and wrote this tune. Diesler made his recognizable signature on this track together with the Danish up and coming DJ cartel Nonsens, who just made on of the best warm-ups for Roskilde Festival.