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Los Chicos Altos - El Diablo Alegre (feat. Palo Q'Sea)

Los Chicos Altos

El Diablo Alegre (feat. Palo Q'Sea)


Released: 2nd December 2013 | 9 track latin america ep

The Barcelona-based duo, Los Chicos Altos, team up with Afro-Colombian folkloric group Palo Q'Sea to deliver a brand new EP on UrbanWorld Records. After highly successful contributions to compilations on Wonderwheel Records, the new EP entitled El Diablo Alegre continues the bands' collaboration which mixes indigenous South American and traditional Afro-Latin music with modern electronic production.

The title song El Diablo Alegre (The Happy Devil) fuses steel drum melodies with funk-filled basslines and dancehall reggae beats. Mr. R of Novalima adds heavy Afro-Peruvian rhythms in his remix of the track, while Fort Knox Five Recording artist Omegaman transforms it into laid-back breaks. Chandé is based on an upbeat party rhythm originating from carnival on Colombia's Caribbean coast and is a dance known from Colombia to China. Chande is chopped up and reconstructed by K.Sabroso and Axel Cloud into a latin/b-more style, while UWR label-mates Superpendejos head in a catchy, latin tech-house direction. La Canoa gets its salsa-flavored groove on, while Salta Corazon morphs from cumbia to reggae before it's flipped jump-up jungle stylee.

El Diablo Alegre is the combo's most diverse and and complete release to date--where the elements of tradition and innovation, old and new, organic and electronic truly fuse into something greater than the parts.