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Various Artists - Volt Age Sound 1v

Various Artists

Volt Age Sound 1v


Released: 11th February 2013 | 10 track house album

This is First Album of Volt Age Sound, which consist of Korean electronic musicians.

Starting as a Korean Electronic Musicians Union in 2012, Volt Age Sound transforms to Electronic Music Label with Korean Electronic Music DJs and producers. Because of the rapid change of Electronic music market, Volt Age Sound tries to find the young talented artists and promote them all over the world tactically.

Moreover, over the cooperation among movie, advertisement and Sub-Culture, we try to minimize the distributing system between clients and producers with offering the refined music, which can customize and make a reasonable market system. Constant making of the compilation albums, we will focus on discovering new artists and our brand promotion, and collaboration with many labels will lead us to make better music and play.

The biggest feature of Volt Age Sound, Which is a culture unit of the music, sub culture, video and design, not just a normal label. Not only being as a music label, but also Volt Age Sound collaborates with many artists, who have same idea with us and tries to serve the role as an enterprising sub-culture leader in Korea. Moreover, all the music, video and design for the promotion will be created by Volt Age Sound itself, so it can be free from the intervention of the external promotion system and participate to create a unique identity with new, experimental artworks.