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Mightyfools - Foolish EP


Foolish EP

Venga Digital Recordings

Released: 29th September 2008 | 5 track house ep
The Mightyfools typify all things Venga, relaxed attitude to defining genres, coupled with a party swagger and cracking music!! The First Release from the boys comes as a 3 Track EP, with some hot remixes lined up from Lee Mortimer, Liam Vizzle and Jak Z. Fresh from a release that stormed the Downloads charts, the Mightyfools are definately around to stay for some time yet... With support from Crookers, Bryan Cox, Kelevra, HiJack and many more - this is a release not to be missed! These chaps really are ones to look out for in 2008, and for those more observant... Mightyfools is made up of the artists formally known as MAN EAT DJ and JIZM (Netherlands).