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Si Biddle

Gud Old Days EP

Venga Digital Recordings

Released: 10th November 2008 | 3 track house ep
VENGA DOUBLE HEADER! Originally destined as a collaboration EP, Si Biddle & Rustler take to the fore with this Double Header release on Venga Digital. A unique series of tracks showcasing the capabilities of both artists, The Hit EP and Gud Old Days EP, display a cross section of House. Gud Old Days commences the offering with a laidback electro tech old skool riff led groover, followed up with a strong uppercut in the way of the Aspin & Dipace Stupid Fresh-esque relick! Once Again concludes the 3 track EP, with aplomb, a superb techy synthy number, sounding the lovechild of Funkagenda and D Ramirez! Check it Out!