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Three Minutes with Mark Murphy - Secrets Part 1 - The Vienna Scientists Mixes
12" Vinyl
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Three Minutes with Mark Murphy

Secrets Part 1 - The Vienna Scientists Mixes

Vienna Scientists Recordings

Released: 12th May 2008 | 3 track single
It was a lucky chance when jazzlegend Mark Murphy visited Austria five years ago. The icon of the post bop era took the time to contribute his voice to 'Secrets'. The original of Three Minutes, a one-off project of Darcosan and Alexdrum, pays tribute to label's trademark sound: the fusion of a hypnotic dub-ambience with Franz Hautzinger's cupped trumpet and Mark Murphy's mysterious timbre creates a haunting tension. Planned to be released as a remix – project, many modifying treatments had been added to the original's character. In spite of the housy approach, Freedom Satellite's most minimalistic version maintains the original's hypnotic mood at its best. Markus Dohelsky adds a straight forward kickdrum to his typical Shanti Roots style, one of that sort which gives credit to its name! A funky guitarre lick joins a bold statement with the bass. Stefan Obermaier is a disciple of Vienna's organic tradition in electronic music! His version is dominated by a soft bounce seamed with layers of delays. Driven by a steady bassline, the funky feel of this track gains momentum with a guitar line that doubles the motif superbly. With their common denominator of a four-to-the-floor rhythm, they altogether aimed to produce tracks for the tasteful DJ.