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Various Artists - Voodoo Tracks Vol. 1

Various Artists

Voodoo Tracks Vol. 1

Voodoo Tracks

Released: 26th November 2007 | 8 track tech-house album
Our VOODOO. a place of peace & tranquilty. full of love. dark & warm. herbs, inscense, candles, & soft colored lights. music is in the background...NOT! Its BOOMIN BOOMIN! That underground spacebound cult hero eLBee BAD is back again! BLAM!! THIS IS THE DEEP DARK SIDE! Still upholding lovely electronical musical tones! eLBee BAD along with ROB DA BOY WONDER (the 15 year old musical genius taught by Wynton Marsalis, guided by The Prince Of Dance) an ULTIMATLY FANTASTIC DANGEROUS COMBINATION of heres the rules; no fuck the rules yo! The lovely LILLIAN-MARIE voices DON´T U DO VOODO TO ME! Its soulful ACID! Laid back...In the clubs? Save it for 6am! AND the 3rd release from THE NERVOUS DJ!! This track demolishes dancers into a frenzy! Its been played out from Berlin to Siberia ripping up minds! Those songs as is the rest included on VOODOO TRACKS 1 are a MIND TRIP! Specially made for those who DO VOODOO!!