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eLBee BaD - Let Your Mind B Free

eLBee BaD

Let Your Mind B Free

Voodoo Tracks

Released: 4th August 2008 | 4 track techno single
...Senor Joan (saxman) Torralbo got inspired to do the track after hearing eLBee BAD spinning a pretty dam hard set in the club Zentraus, Barcelona! JTs words: Ey eLBee! This IS what U sound like! ...Pure Tech! Tribalistic & Banging! Hip House anyone? ...Imagine I´ll House You, the Jungle Brothers meets Anasthasia, T99. Mr. BAD flips the lyrics to GIRL I´LL DO U!! and goes on with verbal wishes and advances that push all to FUK (make luv) in the club!! ...WHEN YA IN MY SPOT, U KNOW WHATS UP! ... THOSE DRAWERS SHALL DROP, & WE SHALL whhaaat!?