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Curv - Volo Nel Cielo


Volo Nel Cielo

Vinyl Vibes

Released: 4th April 2011 | 1 track broken beat single
Volo nel Cielo is what could be called an „Old School Nu Jazz tune“. The kind of music we loved dancing and listening to a couple of years ago when DJs like Mr. Trüby or Jazzanova used to play it in the clubs. But hey, who says that you always have to follow the latest trends? Instead you better feel the South American melancholy as the violine comes in, meanwhile your feet get irresistibly carried away in direction to the dance floor, led by some shuffled Afro Beats. Quotes: Hello, great track!! Deep jazzy vibe with a bubbling dancefloor beat! Can’t wait to get it on vinyl. Thanks. (Nickodemus/Turntables on the Hudson) That bassline break in the middle is wicked. Worth buying the record alone. (Justin Carter/Mr Saturday Night NYC))