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Curv - Between Here And Nowhere
CD Album
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Between Here And Nowhere

Vinyl Vibes

Released: 4th October 2010 | 16 track house album
After various successful 12 releases on Vinyl Vibes, the label introduce their first artist album from Curv. While in the past mixing organic and clubby elements, deeply rooted in Soul and Jazz, Curv recently developed a stronger love for electronic music, splendidly reflected in this fantastic record. Between Here And Nowhere is not just another electronic album as one might expect. It features a unique style of warm, analog sounding club music which makes perfect sense as a listening experience too. It would not be Curv if Jazz, Funk and Disco didn't feature, if he would not occationally mix the electronic beats with some natural sounding drums, the keyboards with some piano. But he is now putting all these things into an electronic context of House Beats, naughty Electro and even deep Minimal. In between all of this you still find all those stunning little details that make his music Curv-Music in it's very own & special way.
"Killa Minimal Tech Jazz!! Looking forward to try this out on da floor ; thnx!!"
Tom Wieland, 7 Samurai / Panoptikum
"Very cool album! Will play on my radio show and will be in the box for my next tour!"
Hans Nieswandt, Whirlpool / 1 Live
"Hot! Hot! Hot!"
Trevor Walker, Lifeboogie / Canada
"Dope tunes - congratulations!"
Ed Royal, Invisions
"Curv is a rough diamond in the portfolio of your label! All tunes work fantastic on the floor. Full support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
DJ Scott, Aromabar / Telemark
"Future Jazz, Disco, House, Funk , Electronica and many more elements in a great flow. Perfect Entertainment! "
Raveline Magazine, Raveline Magazin 11/10
"marvellously self-contained album! My personal stand out tune „New Civilisation“ reminds me of long Berlin club nights at the turn of the millennium."
Michael Rütten, Jazzthing Magazine
"„1976“ is rocking it best for me. A retro free time travel all the way through, worth listening from the first to the last tune."
Bleed, DE:BUG Magazine 10/10