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Daytoner/Ben P - Little Wonder / Red Situation
7" Vinyl
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Daytoner/Ben P

Little Wonder / Red Situation

Wack Records

Released: 2nd March 2009 | 2 track single
Busting out from a garden shed studio in the far reaches of the U.K in Cornwall, comes DJ/Producer Daytoner with his debut single Little Wonder. Utilizing some Stevie Wonder vocal samples, cooped with live piano clunks and deep basslines over a stomping backbeat this irresistible is already causing a big stir with jocks like Martin Brew, Jon Kennedy and the Jelly Jazz Crew. Welsh born Producer Ben P spent his time crafting his beats in a cupboard under the stairs in Leeds and now rolls around London in his Nissan bluebird car with the dopest chrome alloys I've ever seen! His blunted Hip Hop production is on fire with this Remix of Redman which will no doubt cause a stir with all B-Boys and funk heads alike.