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Jamie Finlay - Little Trumpet
12" Vinyl
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Jamie Finlay

Little Trumpet

Wah Wah 45s

Released: 7th November 2005 | 2 track single
Wah Wah 45s are proud to present 12-inch release number eight: the debut solo outing from a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and someone that we like to think of as our new friend, Jamie Finlay. Doctor Finlay's casebook is an impressive read. Jamie plays drums, keys, bass, percussion and has even been known to drop the odd vocal or two. His influences are across the board (the way we like it) and the young Mancunian has found praise bestowed upon him from the likes of Mr. Scruff and The Unabombers of late. 'Little Trumpet' is a mid-tempo breakbeat / jazz killer. It features none other than BBC Young Musician Of The Year Andrew Coleman on that brass, and has already been played by Mr. Peterson and Mr. Scruff on the wireless. 'Strumpet' (as we like to call it) has a hook to die for, and after a few listens you'll be humming it day and night. Promise. 'Temperature' comes off like a lost Prince record, with a fair smattering of Plantlife and a big dose of boogie thrown in for good measure. Jamie's production, Derek Green's vocal and Derrick Johnson's bad ass bass line make 'Temperature' a true future classic.'
"Brilliant, from the wicked hypnotics and slo-mo orchestral groove of 'little trumpet' to the lady-pleasing, future boogie of 'Temperature'which sounds like a heaven-sent hook-up between Prince, Plantlife, Bootsy and Recloose. Class ****"