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Sesong - Love Untold
12" Vinyl
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Love Untold

Wah Wah 45s

Released: 29th May 2006 | 2 track jazz piano single
The Sesong project grew out of the beautiful Norwegian city of Stavanger, and has brought together some of the finest musicians that the place has to offer. It's a collaboration between producer and DJ Snorre Seim, drummer Øyvind Jakobsen and singer/songwriter Thomas Dybdahl, who supplies vocals for the brilliant folky soul of 'Cold'. Britt Synnøve Johansen, from the 'herring-jazz? capitol of Haugesund, also features on the lead track, the life-affirming soul/jazz killer 'Love Untold', and all four have been central players in the rich and diverse musical world of Scandinavia, although largely on completely different scenes. Snorre and Øyvind make up the Butti 49 duo. Their debut album was released on Exceptional Records last year, and the pair have gained plenty of props for their remix work for labels such as Compost Records, Cosmic Sounds and the like. Snorre comes from a DJ'ing background, and Øyvind is a much in-demand drummer and multi-instrumentalist. He's played in several bands with Thomas for a number of years, and, was an original member of Thomas? backing band, The Great October Sound. Thomas, guitar virtuoso, and one of the greatest vocal talents to ever come out of Norway, has now finished his hugely successful October-Trilogy: three albums released every October over three years. With his instense, dynamic and soulful vocals he also performs with top Norwegian outfit, The National Bank (which includes members of Jaga Jazzist!). Britt Synnøve Johansen has been involved in the Stavanger musical theatre scene for some time. She's had a lot of success recording Norwegian covers of Edith Piaf classics, but don't let that put you off!! The future sound of Norway'
"you kind of know the outcome is going to be something special and that it is. Another life affirming soul-jazz gem from camp Wah Wah. FS"