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Max Cole - Starcharts
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Max Cole


Wah Wah 45s

Released: 29th May 2006 | 10 track downtempo album
A multi-talented producer, musical magpie, and one of the most exciting performers to come out of the left side of the jazz scene for some time? Max's debut single 'Mo' High? [WAH12007] caught the ears of tastemakers and dj's from across the globe. It came No#14 in the BBC Radio 1 Worldwide Single of 2005 Beating contemporaries like Nostalgia 77, and heroes such as Peven Everett and Michael Jackson! The young vocalist and producer conjures up shades of Curtis Mayfield (on 'Not Of This Earth '), Sun Ra (on 'Spinning') and Thelonious Monk (with the off kilter instrumental jazz cut 'The Violent Bear It Away '). Soul, jazz, latin and fractured beats are delivered with equal measure; the result being a delicate concoction, often described as 'shrug step', that stands out from the crowd. Features performances from: - Graeme Blevins - percussionist and flautist extraordinaire, - Kate Wharton - Jazz musician Guest vocalists: - Deborah Jordan (Silhouette Brown) - Lucy May (Butti 49).'