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Talc - Sit Down Think
CD Album
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Sit Down Think

Wah Wah 45s

Released: 2nd October 2006 | 12 track pop album
After the much deserved hype and frankly knicker wetting anticipation that preceded their first two singles 'sModern Sleep Over' and 'Garden Of Dance') the two man studio outfit, and ten strong live act, known as TALC, are finally ready to unleash their debut album on Wah Wah 45s - the pensively entitled 'Sit Down Think'. TALC are two grown men that felt the need to write and perform material that spoke to them, that made them fall in love with music all over again. After a meeting on Christmas Day at James Knights' house, over turkey prepared by his good friend Nichol Thomson the intrepid pair decided they were full. Full of the usual pop/rock deserts on offer and would make their own recipe. And so TALC were born. TALC put everyday things to music. 'Father Tomato' is about a young carrot, who after leaving home gets shot by Dustin Hoffman. 'Modern Sleep Over' on the other hand is about the love between a human and her computer, set in the near future. 'Kings Of The Road ' is about riding your bicycle pissed. Obvious really. Both Knight (Dr. Fun) and Thomson (The Gift) draw their influences from Steely Dan, Buddy Miles, The Doobie Brothers, The Beach Boys and Frank Zappa. But let it not be said that contemporary artists don't get a look in. They do. TALC are without doubt the most unique and talented outfit we've come across. They combine lush harmonies, cunning lyricism, genius song-writing and a uniquely British sense of humour like no-one else we've seen or heard, and 'Sit Down Think', by rights, should be heralded as a twisted classic.'