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Resonators - Imaginary People
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Imaginary People

Wah Wah 45s

Released: 30th September 2016 | 9 track reggae album

Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the hugely anticipated new album from arguably the UK's finest dub and reggae outfit, Resonators.

After a four year hiatus - mostly spent tirelessly performing headline shows and festivals across the UK and Europe, as well as recording a plethora of new music - this almost peerless Brighton-based collective are ready to unleash their new material to an eager public in the shape of their third album, Imaginary People.

Inspired by the meditative quality and universal appeal of Jamaican roots music the bandradiate a playful and unified stage presence. The two lead singers Kassia Zermon and FayeHouston wipe away the notion of the big-ego front man whilst Darren JamTone provides livedub effects, and the balance is set.

This fine balance is also apparent on the album where sonorous dub moments on tracks like Come Through and Trees are perfectly complemented by sweeter cuts like Right Time and Swing Easy. As ever with Resonators though, it's the song writing that stands out, and album highlights Papa Daddio and the psychedelic Healer showcase this perfectly.

With a plethora of new songs under their belt, as well as what's becoming a very healthy catalogue of crowd pleasers from their last two albums, Resonators will be touring the UK and Europe this Autumn. Make sure you catch them as they're one of the finest live acts in this country right now!

"Isn’t this good? Always good to hear from this band. British reggae at it's best."
David Rodigan, BBC Radio 1Xtra
"For those in the know, Resonators are one of the best. Soulful reggae with a dub flourish, the crew have an international reputation and are currently smashing their way across the festival calendar."
Robin Murray, Clash Magazine
"If there were any doubts on whether Resonators could indeed step up with another classic record, then Imaginary People seals the deal and then some."
Art Jefferson, ColoRising
"This one really is up there with the best! It takes a seat at the 2016 top album table."
Paper Lion, Reggae Roots Review