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Paper Tiger - Sonic Boom Head Zoom 4

Paper Tiger

Sonic Boom Head Zoom 4

Wah Wah 45s

Released: 3rd November 2017 | 14 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep

In late 2015, once the finishing touches had been put on their 2nd album 'Blast Off', Paper Tiger went back into the studio in order to capitalise on the creative momentum from the project. As with previous sessions at their regular home of ATA Studios, there was a wealth of material generated from a single day of recording. Much of this provided the starting point for what has become their 3rd album, due for release in 2018, but for now here is the latest instalment of the live mixtape series, 'Sonic Boom Head Zoom 4'.

Like previous volumes, SBHZ4 is a beat tape made up of live jams, totally improvised and recorded in a single day. This latest set is stuffed full of head-nodding, off-kilter rap beats full of natural swing and groove that you only get with the tightest rhythm sections, pushed into left-field with squiggly synths, curveball sample choices and stoopid-smart similes from MC Raphael Attar. While more focused than the last edition, it's still not averse to the odd jazz freak-out. Just don't mention 'Whiplash'...

"“F***ing ace stuff.”"
Detroit Swindle
"“…it is rare for a band to make tracks with swing and groove with enough canvas to let rappers glide. It reminds me if Thievery Corporation came out fresh today, fusing several genres in fresh ways, without the baggage that trip-hop comes with.”"
Jeff Weiss, Passion of the Weiss
"Organic, energetic, non-conformist and filled with unexpected sonics, Blast Off is an album you’ll find something new in with each subsequent listen, and a proper long player to lose yourself in.”"
Jamie Groovement, Bonafide Magazine
"“You can let your imagination run wild when its endless subtleties of sound evoke so many ideas.”"
Emma Nay, Now Then Magazine