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12" Vinyl
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Citizen Cope


Wah Dubplate

Released: 15th May 2006 | 1 track single
Clarence Greenwood, AKA Citizen Cope, is already a major player in the U.S., but is yet to find fame in the UK, Europe or the rest of the globe for that matter. Perhaps this record, the first in a legitimate series of Wah Wah 45s 'Dubplate' specials, will help find Greenwood a new and enthusiastic audience. 'Bullet and a Target ' is Cope's first single to be taken from his new album, 'The Clarence Greenwood Recordings '. According to the singer, 'I began writing this song with no real theme in mind, but I did want to express all the craziness we go through in this country. Drug addiction, a bad education system'all of these things are damaging to our psyche. I guess you could say, I was on the left side of my brain when I did that track.' Our very own PTH boys were such fans of this track that they decided to ask Cope's label if they could give it their own unique bass'n'drum re-rub. The major label in question was willing to let them do that, and, luckily enough for us, were happy to let Wah Wah 45s release said remix on 12-inches of fat wax. Citizen Cope is a multi-talented sonic auteur who, in addition to providing lead vocals and production, plays a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard and drum machines. Refusing to be pigeonholed, he has created a unique sound borne of his diverse background. A self-taught musician who grew-up grooving to Sly Stone, Willie Nelson, Al Green and whatever else he could sneak from his big sister's vinyl stash, Cope explains, 'I grew up in an environment where there wasn't much to do, so I had to use my imagination to think of creative stuff. When I finally made a spiritual connection with the guitar, I just started plucking one string at a time until I could play.' And we're sure glad he did. ONE-SIDED 12''