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Scrimshire - Forgotten Songs Vol. Three


Forgotten Songs Vol. Three

Wah Wah 45s

Released: 1st May 2015 | 5 track trip-hop ep

The final set of forgotten songs.

The entire collection is a downbeat affair. Atmospherics and sustained pads of humming sound. Calling up elements of influences like Boards Of Canada, Lapalux, Rae & Christian and Herbie Hancock.

These five songs came into existence during the period around making Scrimshire's last album Bight. Either they were an unsuitable fit or I didn't have the right ideas to complete them at the time. Scrimshire has since had the pleasure of exploring them more with friends he has been collaborating with over the last 4 or 5 years.

Firstly, two tracks have recently been written for by the incredible Daudi Matsiko. Scrimshire mixed Daudi's debut EP, Gilles Peterson favourite 'A Brief Introduction To Failure' and worked with him over the years as a part of collective High Hopes Society.

This hopefully marks the beginning of more collaborations.

Another collaboration here is with another High Hopes member Chris Boot. A master on the drums, with an excellent ear for production and a very thoughtful touch. Chris took on a track that had proved evasive to Scrimshire, where he could find no beat solution Mr Boot made it a wonder - Cloud Cover.

The final two tracks are all his own making, an exercise in exorcising some darkness.