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Repetition/Distract - salles des perdus
Vinyl LP


salles des perdus

Weevil Neighbourhood

Released: 30th September 2016 | 6 track musique concrete album

Repress (2016): Repetition/Distract's 2012 album on The Weevil Neighbourhood, repressed and reissued in 2016.


Utilizing found sound and field recordings, some severely treated and processed, others left unedited as they were recorded, salles des perdus investigates the ambivalence of places of transition, waiting rooms and similar settings: sounds of something that is about to happen - an exploration of negative spaces, the situations between actions, undefined states that are both calm and emotionally charged at the same time.

Black vinyl in brown cardboard discobag. Hand-stamped and -numbered. Comes with artwork- and info-card tied to the sleeve.

"That notion of seemingly 'nothing' but at the same time there is always something 'there', that's the mood that Hoeck captured quite nicely on this record. There is a curious musical edge to all of this, which made it even nicer, as well as more mysterious."
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly