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mama say yes! - baks waks remixes vol. 1
12" Vinyl
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mama say yes!

baks waks remixes vol. 1

Waks Traks

Released: 17th January 2011 | Genre: Leftfield/IDM
Waks Traks artists Mama Says Yes! have always made it their mission to bring you tons of fat, funky, freestyle-electric beats,... soaked in street,... sated in soul... and then sauteed with some sass!...but for this 'super session' they brought along some sidekicks! In celebration of the seminal 10th Waks Traks release, some of their classic tunes have been remixed by some of the best in the biz - the first in a series of sensational mixes! All tunes on this first 'Bak Waks Remixes' hold their own on the dancefloor '?? there ain'??t no 'A' and 'B' side here brother!...that'??s just a bad tag! A1) Harder - Philly Blunt Remix Philly Blunt gets things under way with his remix of the Waks Traks classic 'Harder'... a veritable funk time-bomb of nuclear proportions with huge ol' skool grooves, big beats, big horns, and the biggest groovy guitar solo this side of Motown! A2) Backbeat - Breakbeat Junkie Vs. DJP Remix The Breakbeat Junkie vs. DJP mix of the Waks Traks classic 'Backbeat' will definitely go down in history! A slowburn, funkified, electro-break-disco-groove 'thang' that will totally take 'em home! - this remix should definitely come with a medical warning! B1) Masterpiece - Tom Drummond Remix Tom Drummond takes another Waks Traks classic 'Masterpiece' and makes it his own! With huge organic grooves, big keys, bright breaks, upbeat attitude, and supa-dynamic disco interludes...this track brings it - big time! B2) Must Appease - Ad-Lustre Remix Ad-Lustre, the newboy on the block, takes this new Waks remix wax home! Dissecting the funk of the Waks Traks classic 'Must Appease' with bouncing beats, bass, and bad-ass bits that could make George (and Bill) Clinton blush -it should be played with'??s definitely not one for the interns! Waks Traks presents four big new mixes, from four big classic tracks - its Mama Says Yes! meeting four seriously big funky cats!