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The Deadbeats - Made In The Shade
CD Album
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The Deadbeats

Made In The Shade

Wax On

Released: 1st September 2009 | 13 track leftfield/idm album
THE DEADBEATS do what THE DEADBEATS do: makin' that sun shine in them streets... (E.A.S.E., NIGHTMARES ON WAX) Yes peeps, the infamous purveyors of dope beats, heavy bass and mellow vibes are back on the block... from the good ol' days at the garage in Nottingham right into your eardrums in 2009. Most of you will be familiar with their legendary late 90s stand out lounge tunes like Funky For You, taken from the groundbreaking album Lounging on 20/20 Vision (the track also made it onto heaps of compilations (among them Buddha Bar). THE DEADBEATS have also done some serious remix work for the likes of Richard Dorfmeister's TOSCA project and Mark Rae to name but a few. After a break of over half a decade, Damian Stanley and his cohorts have finally finished their upcoming album for WAX ON with all album tracks mixed by E.A.S.E. himself at his lovely WAX ON studios in Ibiza. The recent album pre cursor EP Loafin' got massive support from djs / tastemakers, compilers and radio jocks alike. THE DEADBEATS are back and they consistently deliver dope tunes with their trademark sound.