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Unknown Artist - Adult
12" Vinyl
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Unknown Artist


Weevil Neighbourhood

Released: 8th June 2015 | 3 track dubstep ep

Gigantic! (De:bug magazine)

Having reached the final adult phase, the first of Weevil's strictly limited, hand-numbered, incognito-produced record series has also gained maturity with a closing chapter also being by far the darkest and calmest of the three. The A side is a close-to-dubstep oppressive and low-flying track, and the B side flirts at times with ambient drones before being wakened by a downtempo, metronomic beat. There's, as usual, no background information, so I'll just say that the tracks are really quite good. Recommended. (Nicolas Chevreux / AdNoiseam)

Adult is the final installment in the Weevil Series, a series of three anonymous 12-inches featuring industrial techno-inspired dubstep and drum & bass cuts. The limited edition hand-stamped vinyls give out little information, containing a weevil stamp but no track names, artist listings or other details. Adult is aptly titled, easily the most mature of the series and a fitting culmination. The aesthetics are the same as before, big soundscapes and a dark and brooding vibe that slowly builds a sense of mechanical funk. Adult is perhaps the installment least likely to shake up dance floors but makes for the most detailed and rewarding listening experience.
A1 is a minimalistic low key number, a slow pulsing beat slowly builds underneath an atmosphere of drone, crackle and hiss that ebbs and flows until segueing nicely into the next track. On A2 the vibes slowly changes: A tick-tock beat plays throughout the track, sounding like a robot call-to-arms upon which raspy ringing effects emerge with a looming metallic bassline bubbling underneath. The track has a tension that is never quite released. While it's a seemingly efficient DJ tool, it's also impressive in its own right.
Turning to the flip, B1 is a slow, brooding breaky affair. Dark, unintelligible vocals are set against brighter chords and what sounds like bird chirps, all sitting on top of a foundation of big bass. The track has the air of a saddened automaton's lament, waiting for the anticipated crescendo that never comes. In the end you realize that was the whole point (Resident Advisor)

Concluding the 3x12 Weevil cycle, another anonymous artist offers three unique darkside dubstep anomalies. 'A1' is a creepy drone track, totally beatless apart for some low-end padding and focussed on scurrying surface patterns around a viscous black drone. 'A2' introduces a clinically finished halfstep riddim, curiously carving a style between Alva Noto's recent beat works and some drier halfstep style akin to Raime. The flipside keenly reminds of the darker Berlin bass styles of Sleeparchive's LAC project or that concrete-dipped Silverman 12 we had in recently, all hi-end digital dynamics and fierce technoid functionality. If you've been checking AQF, Anstam or the Hidden Hawaii releases, this is a must. Beware, limited to 300 handstamped copies only! (Boomkat)

A1 is a four-minute beatless wash of drone, echo and vibrating static, propelled by a pulsing throb like blood pumping behind the listener's eyeballs. A2 is a metronomic sprial through escalating layers of rhythm and backwards edits, and finally B1 is a towering manifestation of oscillating low frequencies and rumbling beats that could be described as dubstep in the same way that Everest is tall or granite is hard. (Box Dub)

The release comes as a 12 record, black vinyl in white inner sleeve and strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies for the world.

Thaddeus Herrmann, De:Bug
Nicolas Chevreux, AdNoiseam