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Francois De Roubaix - Courts Metrages
2 x Vinyl LP
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Francois De Roubaix

Courts Metrages

Weme Records

Released: 21st February 2011 | 14 track crossover jazz album
Since the rediscovery to its advantage by a new generation of music lovers and from the cult to which he now belongs, we know that the incredible François De Roubaux's musical career was short (1963-1976) but endless in its intensity. His discography and considerable music production give out a unique energy, synergy and personality, while his style, blending effortless melodies and tone breaks, folk and electro sounds, tempo jazz and crazy pop, is immediately recognisable. As the numerous compilations and reissues of these works released over the last 15 years seemed to practically mapped out his entire musical path, it felt increasingly impossible to pursue this fascinating and unique artist's universe any further. Thankfully this wasn't taking into account the hidden treasures stowed away in his archives, especially his short-film musical works produced between 1963 and 1973, appearing on this record. Hardcore fans can rejoice in the fact that this new release only contains total rarities, a far cry from the usual off the shelf offerings, a sweeping musical array of psychedelic glints, pop beats, epic themes, experimental breaks and sweet jazz miniatures. This sense of gimmick, attention to detail and the rich orchestration all combine to make these tracks, revived at last, a magnificent extension of François Roubaix's work.