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Nicholas Szczepanik - We Make Life Sad
Vinyl LP
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Nicholas Szczepanik

We Make Life Sad

Weme Records

Released: 12th March 2012 | 10 track album
'We Make Life Sad' is an album about the cycle of life and both its sundry and seemingly important moments. It is about our focus on the detriment of these moments and the inertia we invite when reminiscing about memories long past; an album that renders each moment down to its foundation of simply existing, holding us responsible for how we choose to let them shape us. We as individuals control the outlook of our life, regardless of the highly desired, the forgotten, or the regretted. Life is ever-changing; let us hold onto the only power we have to give it purpose-our mind. Nicholas Szczepanik finds the source of his inspiration from the human experience itself: Memory, childhood, coming-of-age, love, life, death-you know-all those cheerfully repeated themes so many authors write about in books. Despite being passionate towards a wide array of music, it is the philosophical fiction he reads that most similarly conveys the themes and the feelings conjured within his sound art. His previously published full-length albums include the highly praised 'Please Stop Loving Me' on Streamline (Germany, 2011), 'Dear Dad' on Goat-Eater Arts (USA 2010), and his debut full-length, 'The Chiasmus', co-released on Basses Frequences & SRA (France / USA) in 2009. He also managed to self-release a string of twelve 3 mini discs as a subscription series last year with the help of his close friend, Elim Hernandez, who also created the artwork for 'We Make Life Sad' while working diligently with Nicholas and taking into careful consideration his intent with the pieces that comprise the LP.