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Szjerdene - Patchwork: The EP
CD Single
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Patchwork: The EP

Wonderful Ear Records

Released: 9th April 2012 | 4 track beats & breaks single

Born and raised in North London but currently living in Amsterdam, 23-year-old Szjerdene has commanded the attention of music lovers with her 2011 single Lead The Way & If 6 was 8 on independent record label Plug Research.

This year Szjerdene has aligned with Wonderful Ear Records for the eagerly anticipated release of 'Patchwork: The EP'. Throughout this short four-song offering Szjerdene shows, in an unpretentious way, her spectrum of abilities in songwriting and arranging which are breathtakingly wonderful. With her unique mix of soul and folk inflected vocals combined with electronic leftfield sounds and folk-inspired melodies, Szjerdene presents a grounded understanding of her craft. Aptly named 'Patchwork', each song displays a different quality - the common feature being, blessed with the unique melodies and stories written by Szjerdene.

Szjerdene's adroit songwriting and emotionally evocative vocal style - infusing intimate folk reminiscent of e.g. Joni Mitchell with lilting and subtly atmospheric pop flourishes - is still evolving. Wonderful Ear Records is proud to offer the digital and physical world a snapshot of those talents. We are convinced that this EP is just the beginning of a flourishing career from a future superstar.

"She isn’t the typical R&B singer. The way she phrases over a melody or chords… her voice dances like a feather in the wind"
Quadron, Boom Clap Bachel, Robin Hannibal
"Just listened to one of your [Szjerdene’s] joints... very dope!!"
The Weeknd, Drake, Esther, Doc McKinney
"I was so thoroughly impressed by Szjerdene’s live shows and debut single last year (which I played on my BBC Radio 3 show) that I had to ask her to write a track for my Musicity project. On Szjerdene’s follow up Patchwork EP her songwriting and vocal performances soar to even greater heights. Subtle psychedelia, electronics, jazz and soul - it’s all there. Beautiful music, confident, carefully considered and crafted by a very real star in the making."
Musicity / BBC Radio 3, Nick Luscombe