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Calvin Keys - Vertical Clearance
CD Album
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Calvin Keys

Vertical Clearance

Wide Hive

Released: 31st July 2006 | 11 track album
Calvin Keys returns to Wide Hive Records for his seventh solo release entitled 'Vertical Clearance.' In his second full release for Wide Hive Records, the Bay Area virtuoso guitarist is joined by fellow jazz legends Sonny Fortune, Phil Ranelin, Doug Carn, Roger Glenn, and Babatunde as well as many other notable players. Vertical Clearance draws upon these players? collective roots (which span across classic cult labels, Strata East, Tribe and Blackjazz Records) to create a truly authentic and inspiring sound. Highlighted by dark melodies and driving rhythms, Keys' playing has somehow become more precise and yet edgier over time. Highlight tracks are MRKGY, Unresolved Daydream, and Seven and Sonny Straight Up. This release also features the new beat, Secaucus S. Rutherford, by Headnodic from the Crown City Rockers! 'Soul Food' in the May 17-23 edition of Listen & Be Heard contained a quote from Vallejo drummer Babatunde Lea. 'I'm not a religious man, but I do believe in spirit, that it intervenes in our lives in mysterious ways.' These words could be used to describe Vertical Clearance, the recent CD by Calvin Keys on Wide Hive Records. Babatunde Lea, in fact, is one of four drummers who contributes to the music on this CD, along with Ron E. Beck, Darrell Green, and Thomas McCree. A total of seventeen musicians join Keys to create eleven interventions of sound and rhythm. Long-time followers of jazz will recognize the name Sonny Fortune, whose creative work with Miles Davis, Elvin Jones and many others is part of the ongoing history of American music. Lea and Fortune are part of an outstanding group of musicians on this CD. There are no weak moments in any of these songs.'
"Calvin is a natural. His playing is so deep in the pocket, it comes off elegant and effortless."
Andrew Gilbert, Mercury News
"This man can list such sterling greats as Ray Charles, Ahmad Jamal, Carmen McCrea, Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson, Gloria Lynn, M.C. Hammer, Sonny Stitt, Tony Bennett and Luther Vandross as just a few of the folks he has performed and/or recorded with."
Pacifica Tribune
"Brand new album by well known gutarist Calvn Keys who is also widely recognized in series of albums from Black Jazz label. It features such spiritual jazz hereoes like Sonny Fortune, Phil Ranelin, Doug Carn, and the songs includes smooth medium funk to afro tinged eccentric jazz which captures smooth darkness and sexiness which only grown folk music is able to express."