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Cubik And Orgami - Self Titled
CD Album
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Cubik And Orgami

Self Titled

Wide Hive

Released: 14th August 2006 | 12 track album
From the direction of Electronic duo's such as Kruder and Dorfmeister and Beaver and Krause comes Wide Hive's latest find, Cubik and Origami. Being both D.J.'s and musicians, Cubik and Origami balance up-tempo dance grooves with chill downtempo and weave together a solid debut effort that is reminiscent of early Kraftwork or, more recently, Poets of Rhythm. Between them, the duo plays every instrument on the record, which includes, but is not limited to: guitar, bass, rhodes, live drums/percussion, vintage synthesizers, turntables and samplers. The CD contains two exclusive tracks in addition to the eight tracks from EPs I and II. As modern music continues to blend the boundaries of hip-hop, electronica, world, and pop/rock, authentic amalgamations are increasingly rare. Cubik and Origami are this exception, and in so are naturally connected to Wide Hive's funky slant on contemporary downtempo. Aiding and Abetting 'A wonder of an album. Something new and amazing is always around the corner.' Heavy Contact 'Cubik and Origami and Wide Hive are taking us to the next era of the hip hop and jazz, and it's up to us to either help them, or get out of their way.''