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Francisco Lopez and Zbigniew K - Whint
2 x CD Album
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Francisco Lopez and Zbigniew K


Released: 27th August 2001 | 2 track single
Francisco López has started his own label, which will release collaborations between himself and other artists. Due to constant travelling, Francisco has decided to realize this label with the help of a few other labels. Therefore, .absolute. will have branches in London, Vienna, Osaka, New York City, and Seattle. Zbigniew Karkowski and Francisco López share a common ground in their respective work with the physicality of sound through a passionate approach forcefully devoid of conceptual elements. Raw sonic energy and an intense focus on the intricacies of sound matter. They both have a long history of solo work, collaborations and performances all over the world. 'whint' is their first studio collaboration, recorded by commission of The Compound in San Francisco. Using white noise as the only sound source material, they generated and transformed a common pool of sounds together, and then created two independent pieces in separate studio rooms. A common sonic spirit and two different compositional personalities. Two amazing drifting voyages into the same essential sonic micro-universe of the 'sound of all sounds'. The London branch is through Touch [] and the Vienna branch through Mego []The Seattle branch is through Anomalous Records, and has released the first two discs in this series (others coming from the other branches will include collaborations with John Duncan and Michael Gendreau). Those first two CDs are in stock now, and initially there are only 350 copies of each for sale (though if successful enough they may be repressed at a later date). Previous .absolute. releases: Francisco López & Michael Northam 'belle confusion 0247' CD 'Five years ago an exchange began between Francisco Lopez and Michael Northam - elements shared from a similar perspective into the internal dynamics of sound as a possibility to refine perceptual awareness. Utilizing individual systems designed to articulate complex sound material, Lopez and Northam have always shared an important thread towards the creation of immersive sound spaces. Their contrasting routes towards realization - Lopez with his 'absolute' limitless exploration of sound as raw material - and Northam with his fragile electro-acoustic based sound organisms - creates a tension between abstraction and harmonically rich intensity enfolding in this Lopez's first interpretation of this special sound dialogue.' .absolute.[seattle] U.S. .a.[s] 001-00 Francisco López & Amy Denio 'belle confusion 00' CD 'Amy Denio and Francisco Lopez are devoted sound explorers with extended roots in (and deep commitment to) the underground experimental community. Over the years they have created, refined and developed their personal sonic worlds. 'Belle Confusion 00' is the amazing confluence of these worlds. The basic sound material of the piece - recorded between December 1999 and September 2000 - consists entirely of Amy Denio's voice, recorded in various places - the standing-wave generating stairwell in her home, the massive underground (and empty) water cistern at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA, as well as in concert with Francisco Lopez in Boulder, CO; Los Angeles, CA; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unlike most voice-based works, 'Belle Confusion 00' explores the most essential sonic properties and nuances of the original material and turns it into a thrilling immersive trip complete with deafening silence, intense layerings, and out-of-this world harmonic excursions. A must for the fans of these two worlds and for those of the new one.''